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What I love about being a dog sitter.

I simply enjoy spending time with dogs. I have watched many dogs over the years including two dogs I've had. Some of them were my ex boyfriend’s so I don't get to see them anymore. It is always very easy for me to connect with dogs. I see them as my spiritual guardians on this planet.

I moved out to LA two years ago and I haven't been back home since. I want to go visit soon but I don't know exactly when it's going to happen. In the meantime, I was having trouble to adjust my life here, missing home so much, especially missing some connections. So I started dog sitting. (because dogs are ultimate emotional supports, right?)

Pepper was the first dog I watched over and he became one of my regular guests. He was sneezing too much when he was a puppy so he got this name. He is the loveliest, a mini-husky kind. Some might say dogs don't actually know how comfort you when you're sad (because they don't have the empathy) Pepper was really there when I was crying. It doesn't matter if he didn't understand it at all.

Okay, so this part is a different kind of story. Dog sitting is usually fun, no strings attached, and you get to have some cash but I've never thought that I would love something more than anything I've ever had.

Her name is Luna.

Nobody knows her back story but she is a rescue dog. She had a foster family before current owners adopted her. She is sensitive, shy, sometimes fearful. You can tell from her eyes that she understands any kind of reaction you do. She loves to sit on you, hug you and mostly, licking your feet for like an hour (if you don't stop her).

So far just like any other sensitive dog. The story changes when we started having a connection, built day by day, when she comes to stay with us. She and I, could really see everything through our eyes. This kind of rare relationship usually never happens among the human kind.

The sad part is that she is not mine and we are not together. Sometimes I get to see her but obviously it's not enough and breaks my heart.

At first, I just wanted to have some fun with but then Pepper and Luna became the main reasons that I still continue dog sitting. Hopefully in future, I will have my own Luna and I will stop looking at the available dogs on the adoption centers or watching 'A Dog's Purpose' and cry.

When I decide to adopt, I will definitely go and visit Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation which the founder Marc Ching and the volunteers go undercover as dog meat buyers and try to rescue bunch of dogs in Chinese slaughterhouses. Most of the dogs, they live in fear and they are terrified but still believing man is a friend. When I read their stories, I couldn't stop crying that day (I am crying all the time I guess). If you live in Southern California or just passing through, and if you want to change a dog's life, please go there, donate, adopt.

Dogs are the best thing ever happened to humans. We just need to appreciate more.

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