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My Urban Jungle, with easy plants.

Welcome to the urban jungle in my East Hollywood apartment!

One of the easiest way to turn a house into a home is to usually add some wall art. Now, it's plants! They bring an excessive amount of beauty, character and definitely some good energy into every house.

MY FIRST TIP is to get the plant and put it somewhere. Eventually you'll start feeling the energy and you'll want to get more. Also, buy the Urban Jungle book, it's amazing.

Let me walk you through my apartment and my favorite plants.

#1 Favorite: Aloe Vera

My favorite potted plant is actually more than a decoration. Aloe Vera is a NASA approved plant that is best for air purification. It releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night, perfect for the bedroom. It loooves water and sunny sides of the space. Just make sure not to let them be thirsty. One day, if you cut your finger (accidentally) it can help you heal as a reward too.

#2, OF COURSE some edible plants aka herbs

I started with Parsley, Basil and Rosemary so basically I got my little Italian herb garden. These herbs require little maintenance, perfect for sunny kitchen windows. Just Basil wants more sunlight and water than others. Telling you again, don't get intimidated, super easy. You'll love to use them fresh from your garden and put them on your food.

You might be curious about what's in the third black pot. It was a mint, RIP. You must be little bit more careful about taking care of your mint. Mine just died in 2 weeks after I got it. Still don't know why.

#3, The beauties in my bedroom

Instead of their species, I want to talk about the decoration more. Taking care of a plant is easy, we get it. Looks amazing in those rope shelves as a decorative item, certainly they look like they are floating. Maybe later I can also talk about how to make those floating rope shelves.

I love putting plants on top of places, higher is always better.

#4, Fittonia

I just love Fittonia's bright leaf veins, looks gorgeous with the red pot. It loves the light in the living room and I just have to make sure watering it moderately, not wetting it.

Thanks for touring my house with me!


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