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We are finally here, in the beginning of a new decade of my life. It marks the age of being “young but wise".

I am going to pause and thank my skin who has survived the late crazy nights, endless drinking and a whole lot of partying. Maybe even my soul too.

It feels like I'm in the middle of getting over my insecurities of my 20s but not reached the midlife-crisis of my 40s. YAY!

You're getting everything about my 30 memorable things I've did or learned this year soon but before going into that I just wanted to talk a little bit more about how I feel.

When I was a little girl, I knew what kind of life I would have when I hit my 30's. Doesn't matter what they were, only thing you need to know is that they were just dreams. And none of them became real, obviously (that's the thing about dreams, they rarely become real but keep on dreamin'). The main thing is that this couldn't make me happier.

A lot has changed this year. I wanted them to change. I had to learn how to let go, and I let doors close so the new ones would open (which they did eventually). I finally became (still workin' on it) the person that I've always envisioned. Finally, I learned how to be myself and truly love it.

30 memorable things:

1. Left California for awhile.

2. Adopted Oliver, as he became my true companion.

3. Saw friends & family more than I used to.

4. Saw Finland and got to spend some time with my Finnish bestie.

5. Developed a love for staying in.

6. Started therapy.

7. Focused on myself.

8. Read so many interesting self-help, psychology books.

9. Developed a big interest on self-healing, astrology and meditation.

10. Learned how to say 'no' more.

11. Ate more and became guilty about it less.

12. Did an Instagram hiatus for a month and it felt great.

13. Got new morning rituals.

14. Started taking mosaic classes.

15. Grew the freelance business, got new clients.

16. Made new friends.

17. Learned how to make pasta (properly!)

18. Spent a lot of time decorating my house.

19. Fed my neighbourhood cats regularly and some of them became my friend.

20. Started dancing as a work out.

21. Started writing again (hopefully a novel in couple years!).

22. Made peace with my fears.

23. Grew my hair long (with the intentions of keeping it).

24. Made dinner and hosted my parents.

25. Donated so many clothes and kept a basic wardrobe.

26. Gained my financial independence (finally!).

27. Listened podcasts and they became my new favorite thing.

28. Spent NYE with my parents (for the first time)

29. Learned how to be with myself.

30. Lived, as much as I could.

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