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This was my birthday gift to myself.

I wasn't even sure if I was going to be in L.A. (my plan was to go to my hometown) but I got the ticket when it was on sale.

This year, I wanted to do something intelligent and fun for my new age, instead of just getting wasted. The decision was on point, but I wish I was turning 29 though then it would be awesome! :)

In case you haven't heard, Refinery29 is doing a pop-up exhibit called 29Rooms in New York and Los Angeles for three years. Each of these 29 rooms were created by many artists from various mediums to create an interactive art experience.

Each room has something different to experience, give something to observe and think about . Some of it was self-love or expression, racial and gender equality, women empowerment or mindfulness.

My favorites:

The musical sisters, the piece rotates and offers different angles as it moves. This was the front view.

The womb, mindfulness experience for 5 mins.

This room had the most beautiful women empowerment and human rights posters I've ever seen. It also had some postcards laying on the table for the audience. You can use them to write to your representative in the Congress, and send them the postcard.

It was an adult playground with long lines and Instagram-worthy pictures but a good way of telling stories.

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