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Here it is, 28.

Spent 28 winters in this world, made it alive, and came this far.

A new year and a new start.

27 still felt young, but I think 28 feels so mature. I am now 2 years from 30 and I feel like it is time to sort of grow up, and maybe begin to really take the adult things more seriously. As I look back, it was a turbulent year. There was so much uncertainty and doubt (still is) about where I was headed but now I feel a very different feeling than I have felt before. This last year has brought me so many tears, crazy fears, unnecessary doubts, but finally an acceptance and understanding of myself. I am thankful for all the experiences taught me. It was hard but they brought me here. This year, I am celebrating the adult version of myself, and I am gonna look forward and embrace what's to come.

28 memorable things:

1. Created this blog which I am secretly (not anymore) attached to.

2. Started to follow my passion in photography.

3. Discovered my natural talent in photography and design.

4. Got married.

5. Moved in my first, roommate-free apartment in L.A.

6. Had existential and life crisis more times than I can count.

7. Lost my first adopted cat.

8. Doubled my lens collection. (also, it's safe to say that it's my first collection)

9. Made my health a priority.

10. Stopped eating meat and became a full-time pescetarian.

11. Quit drinking coffee. (I know, me!)

12. Expanded my tea palate more than I thought.

13. Saw Nebraska, Ojai and Joshua Tree for the first time.

14. Enjoyed Friday nights at home with a record played & wine more than bars.

15. Developed a love for nature.

16. Ate a lot without counting calories.

17. Have an urban jungle at home, and didn't kill more than 2 plants.

18. Learned how to make sushi, pie, pickled beets, churros.

19. Stopped doing makeup (except special occasions), and started spending so much on skincare products.

20. Learned how to chop woods.

21. Made candles from scratch.

22. Drank kombucha for the first time.

23. Finally saw my mom after a year.

24. Have always hated soup but now I love it!

25. Puked after eating too much at Thanksgiving.

26. Missed home more than anything.

27. Got my first photography gig.

28. Lived, as much as I could.

I had my birthday dinner at The Dresden (open since 1954) in Los Feliz. I picked this location because of the stunning 60's vibe, mid-century dining room - big white leather booths, vintage everything. Also, a Mad Men scene was shot in this restaurant.

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