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Three days in San Francisco

This is going to start a little bit personal.

Mom’s flight already took off. I am trying to hold my tears, sitting in my living room and thinking about the days we spent together… Oh man! Worth a lifetime. We squeezed a lot of memories into only 14 days. It sounds crazy to me because we used spend our whole days together. When you're living at home, life is just kind of taken care of. Mom makes sure food is set on the table and you don’t worry about how many fruits you didn’t have because she is already there to give it to you. Basically, if it weren't for her you'd probably be lying in a trash somewhere. As you grow up, you start to think you'd be just fine on your own. But then you become an adult and realize just how much you needed her. That’s why my mom literally became my long distance boyfriend. I need her so much! You know she's always a safe place to go back to. Especially when you have your whatever crisis, she's got your back.

Anyways, we had an amazing trip together. I also had no time to chill because of work - perks of being a freelancer - but you never need an excuse to take a trip with your mom.

So we choose San Francisco to be our getaway destination.


When we were there, walking around, I realized I really miss the city life.

They might say you have to get out of Chinatown to have a good dim sum but I think we found some decent ones.


It was a cloudy and then a rainy day but we saw some pretty things.

We had the best coffee and avocado toast at The Mill. They make their own breads there which is heavenly.

Lovely mama from my perspective.

Then we went to the best bakery place, Tartine. We had this amazing banana cream tart.

Day 3

As tourists, we were told to walk around Fisherman's Wharf.

Thanks for reading!

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