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Candle Making: 101.

Candles are shockingly expensive. Some of them are very very fancy but who needs that. They are just burning your money more instead of burning itself. So I decided to make my own candles.

You can definitely make your own candles at home. Cheap, easy and really fun. Before walking you through the making process, I want to give a quick recap how I started this idea.

I was reading Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness and you may already know the Danish lifestyle concept 'hygge'. It's a wellbeing trend from Denmark that has become popular recently and involves cosying up with lots of candles, low lighting, good music, food and friend gatherings. In larger sense, I define it more like enjoying little things in life. With this art form of creating cosiness and togetherness, candles are vital to the hygge experience.

See how cozy this looks!

That being said, let's go back to the part how candles are made.

The things you need:

A pouring pot

A pot to boil the water

Wood chopstick to stir


Soy wax

Your choice of fragrance or mix of scents


Tin containers

Bow ties or clothes pins

Color bars (optional)

(I gathered the materials from Amazon, lucky me. All of these cost me $40)

The process:

1. Place water in boiling pot and bring it to boil. Once it boils, reduce the heat and place the pouring pot in (with wax flakes in it). Melt the wax completely.

2. If you want to add some color, now it's time! The melted wax's temperature should be around 150 F. Stir it until melted.

3. Allow the wax to cool around 120 F and add your fragrance. (I used different scents to make a fragrance, have it more natural but you can always get a ready-to-go fragrance) Mix it well.

4. Place the wick into the containers and slowly pour the wax in. I used bow ties to hold the wick in place but you can always use clothes pins too.

5. MY FAVORITE PART! Allow the candles to set and cool.

Of course I made a time-lapse. So amazed how they turned out!

First Video: To make a light pink color, I added some drips of red but the wax turned orange. Even though I knew I did right, I was still expecting a light orange color. But they were totally pink!

Second video: This time I was a pro at the coloring game. To give the full lavender scent experience, I made them light purple.

6. Once they are firmly set, trim the wick. You candles are good to go!

This lavender one got some bubbles on it but who cares.

I can definitely smell them just by looking at these pictures.

Hope you enjoyed! Maybe we can meet in another post to talk about how to make unique scents.

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