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Cherry Valley diaries

Being a freelancer doesn't always mean that you can go on vacations all the time. Especially when the best vacation concept in your mind includes camping and no wifi. That's why we usually like to spend our vacation time on Cherry Valley, where our friend's farm is located.

Cherry Valley is still in California and located southeast of San Bernardino between Redlands, Beaumont and Banning. An hour long drive from Los Angeles. There's not much attraction here, only Redlands has a small downtown where you can grab some food or a drink but who needs a downtown when you have the mother nature all around you, right?

Our typical day usually goes really slow here like an ongoing mindfulness state. Sleeping in, waking up in complete silence around, working for a while and then spending your whole day sitting in the nature and exploring.

Everybody knows I love photography and here, I get to have a chance to exercise my skills. These photography exercises are teaching me to look for tiny details. It's like practicing mindfulness but instead of your eyes closed, you're outlining the details with your eyes and you're noticing the way things feel.

Here are some pictures that I took during my stay on Cherry Valley.

Find Charlie! 12 yr old dog but keeps exploring around everyday regardless her age.

Self-made pool and farm trucks.

A reflection from the guest house' window.

Little visitor outside the window in the mornings.

Fresh lemons, ready to be picked.

Mountain view during sunset. It's so amazing how it gets all pinky.

Sunset color game on the house.

Sunset color game on a tree.

My very first, dedicated moon photograph. It is a kind of very special feeling.

Baby visitor on her natural habitat.

We got to pet this baby birdie.

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