January 13, 2020

We are finally here, in the beginning of a new decade of my life. It marks the age of being “young but wise".

I am going to pause and thank my skin who has survived the late crazy nights, endless drinking and a whole lot of partying. Maybe even my soul too. 

It feels like I'm in the middle of getting over my insecurities of my 20s but not reached the midlife-crisis of my 40s. YAY!

You're getting everything abo...

March 8, 2018

After 2,5 years, I finally went home, to Istanbul.

It was more than a vacation but an existential journey or a time travel. When I first arrived, I traveled back to 2,5 years ago and it felt like I've never left home. Everything was exactly how I remembered. Then, that feeling became my present. I was stuck in 2015 and living in 2018. Crazy, right? That made me realize that time is simply an illusion made by us. If you want you...

December 30, 2017

Staycation in L.A. during the holidays and having my third Christmas in States.

 I've decorated these cookies. Let me brag about it! :)

December 21, 2017

Everything happens for a reason but these unfortunate events piled up for me this year. Actually it's been two and a half years that I've been living a series of unfortunate events and having long months of waiting, continuous obstacles and challenges, and feeling like something is holding me back from moving forward. Honestly, I feel like I am stuck in a video game that has only 'hard' or 'extremely hard' as a difficulty leve...

December 20, 2017

This was my birthday gift to myself.

I wasn't even sure if I was going to be in L.A. (my plan was to go to my hometown) but I got the ticket when it was on sale.

This year, I wanted to do something intelligent and fun for my new age, instead of just getting wasted. The decision was on point, but I wish I was turning 29 though then it would be awesome! :)

In case you haven't heard, Refinery29 is doing a pop-up...

December 11, 2017

Here it is, 28.

Spent 28 winters in this world, made it alive, and came this far. 

A new year and a new start.

27 still felt young, but I think 28 feels so mature. I am now 2 years from 30 and I feel like it is time to sort of grow up, and maybe begin to really take the adult things more seriously. As I look back, it was a turbulent year. There was so much uncertainty and doubt (still is) about where I was headed but now I f...

December 10, 2017

Holidays are almost around the corner, and I am trying to bring some holiday cheer these days. But how can we get in the holiday spirit here when it's 80 degrees in December? It's not even cold by L.A. standards. I really wanted to see some snow but this year, we decided to do a staycation for the holidays and try to enjoy Los Angeles more.

I don't usually go to zoos and you shouldn't either. Zoos are nothin...

November 14, 2017

O, hi!

I've started taking some sessions with my photography mentor this summer but we recently decided to end our sessions because I graduated! To celebrate it, partner in crime and I decided to rent a cool Airbnb house, and wanted to use this opportunity for taking hundreds of pictures. The location didn't matter so we ended up booking a place in Ojai. 

Ojai also known as the valley of the mo...

September 22, 2017

This is going to start a little bit personal. 

Mom’s flight already took off. I am trying to hold my tears, sitting in my living room and thinking about the days we spent together… Oh man! Worth a lifetime. We squeezed a lot of memories into only 14 days. It sounds crazy to me because we used spend our whole days together. When you're living at home, life is just kind of taken care of. Mom makes sure food is set on the table an...

September 12, 2017

It’s unofficially fall around here!

Fall in Los Angeles is totally a different experience. It may say September on the calendar, but thanks to the mild weather you can still enjoy outdoors, rooftop cinemas and even the beaches. Days don’t get noticeably cooler but you can still enjoy wearing a scarf over your summer dress. However, this doesn’t stop me from dreaming about (a real) fall even though it’s still summer here....

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